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Break-out Session 1
Politics Session (Organized by The Korean Association of International Studies) Down
Session 1 Grand Compromise Toward the East Asian Community  
Session 2 Grand Compromise on the Agenda of EAC  
Culture Session (Organized by HK Research center for Chinese practices,Humanities Research Institute, University of Incheon) Down
Session 1, 2 Studies in Chinese Standards and Practices  
Economics Session (Organized byThe Korea Association for Comparative Economics & Northeast Asia Development Institute, Univ. of Incheon) Asian Responses to Global Financial Crisis : Experiences and Comparison Down
Economics Session (Organized by The Korean Urban Geographical Society & The Economic Geographical Society of Korea) Sustainable strategies for Improvement of Asian Urban Competitiveness Down
Session 1 Job Creation and Urban Competitiveness  
Session 2 Global City Network and Urban Competitiveness  
Session 3 General Issues of Urban and Economic Geography  
Economics Session (Organized by The Northeast Asia Economic Association of Korea) Down
Session 1 Creating Asia Community  
Session 2 Macroeconomic Policy in China  
Session 3 Cooperation and Future Theme in Northeast Asia  
Session 4 The Korean Peninsula and China  
Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speech
Northeast Asia in the Multipolar World-System Down
Plenary Session1 Grand Debate Grand Debate of 21 century Capitalism: In Search of Alternatives to Washington Consensus Down
Break-out Session 2
Economics Session (Organized by UNESCAP Subregional Office for East and North-East Asia) A new development paradigm in North-East Asia:"Green Economy" Down
Culture Session (Organized by Asia Values Survey Research Team) Asia Values Survey for Creating One Asia Together: Perceptions of College Students in China, Japan and Korea Down
Science Technology (Organized by UN-APCICT/ESCAP) Turning Todays' Youth into Tommorrow's ICTD Leaders  
Business/CSR Session (Organized by Herald Media) CSR Korea and Asia Down
Plenary Session2 Finance (Organized by Korean Institute for International Economic Policy) Asia's response and tasks for recovery from the Financial crisis Down
Plenary Session3 G20 (Organized by G20 Research Team) Post Crisis new World Order: Asia and G20 Down
Plenary Session4 Grand Compromise (Organized by the Korean Association of International Studies) Grand Compromise among US, China and EU: Resolving Hegemony Crisis by G2 or G20? Down
Break-out Session 3
Special Session (Organized by Incheon Development Institute) Network of Competition & Cooperation among Asia Megacity Regions Down
Special Session (Organized by One Asia Club) Start One Asia Down
Science Technology (Organized by UN APCICT/ESCAP) Turning Today's Youth into Tommorrow's ICTD Leaders  
Special Session (Organized by Asia Journalist Association) Asian Jounalists' Perspective on G20 Seoul  
Break-out Session 4
Economic Session (Organized by Korea Institute for International Economic Policy) Background and Conditions for Regional Integration: Asia and Europe Compare Down
Politics Session (Organized by Northeast Asia Intellectuals' Solidarity & Northeast Asia Development Institute, Univ. of Incheon) Asia Regional Integration Road Map Down
Plenary Session5 Grand Dialogue Grand Dialogue between Asia and the West Down
Wrap-up Session & Closing Ceremony Announcement of Asian Regional Integration Down
Wrap-up Session Declaration of Universal Asianism of the 21st Century Down